Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shifting Weather = mayhem for my health

Every year I am given a nice warning to the changing of seasons.

My health runs amock and I'm way-sided by sudden clamping of the throat, headaches, pressure in my eyes, aching joints and muscles (wish I didn't need to crack them so often!!) and of course a dripping nose reminiscent of a leaking faucet. However I'm not the only one with this problem. My co-worker had issues all week (perhaps it's also all the new germs flying around now that we're around kids again??), and then this weekend both me and the other English teacher came down with the same symptoms. Hmmm  Foreign Teacher sickness...I can just see the headlines now if I were in Korea and they got wind of our sudden sickness. There would be quarantines nationwide. ha ha

I was supposed to do the photowalk today and was planning to do it despite my crappy demeanor however last night I didn't have my contacts case with me so used water. I figured I could keep them lubricated for one night in water and use them in the morning.  That was a big mistake.

When I put them in this morning they STUCK to my eyes...I spent the next 15 minutes peeling them off. So sad because I had just put a new pair in last night after having an eye infection the week before. These are 2 week lenses and not cheap. Oh well.  

So I decided to spend the day with my friend Mehmet after sleeping in late and we played some Backgammon and chatted about life and relationships. He's a really great guy, a great friend and gentleman.

Right now I"m back in my room, listening to oldies like "Georgia on my Mind", "My Girl", Rascal Flatts, and Jack Johnson. It's just a relaxing night. Chatting with a friend that just arrived to Istanbul after a lot of obstacles. So many things are going on.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be well enough and can wake up in time for the horse races and then plan some games for this week so my students are busy and happy rather than naughty and talkative.

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