Sunday, July 20, 2014

A new Travel Story is beginning.

Hello Readers and fellow travelers!

I know I've been absent from blogging for the past couple of years but I'm about ready to take on a grand adventure of moving to Costa Rica with just $400 to my name. 

I figured this would be some blog-worthy material that many travelers and dreamers would like to hear about. So, until I get my official page up and running, I'll be blogging here and sharing my crazy adventure stories of survival and ingenuity. 

I'll be arriving in Costa Rica on Tuesday, July 22nd and begin settling down, making contacts with possible work opportunities, locals and expats. On August 30th I'll follow a couple who are taking the long walk from San Jose to Cartago for the annual Romeria Celebration. Some people walk the entire 24km on their knees! Even more, some people walk, go by horseback, etc from neighboring countries!  I'll be documenting the journey of one couple and sharing it here and on my flickr. I hope you enjoy it. 

Thank you!  
To ease you on the's some photos from the past several months since I returned to the USA.
My brother's Prom

Light painting! More to come!

Selling prints from the Kahraman Dance Group

Horse back Riding on Father's Day

Mother's Day

Steel Wool Photography - more to come!
Riding with my sister
Doing some free-climbing
Hanging out after Pride Day