Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 4 Friends and Food

Day 4 has come and gone.
Here was the happy moment of the day.
I'm thankful for Couchsurfing and the diverse Community it maintains.
I was able to befriend many locals, began hosting events, and have found so many opportunities that I'd have never found otherwise. When I arrived to Istanbul a month ago I came with little money to go out and meet people or even to make food. I was really wanting to taste the local foods here so I found a group on Couchsurfing called Cooksurfing. This is a group of Couchsurfers, otherwise expats, travelers, and locals that love cooking. I decided to organize a cooking event I called Lovers of Food. And last night I had the 3rd event which brings together a really nice group of people over food and drink. So, the thing that makes me really happy is having new friends and great food.

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