Sunday, July 20, 2014

A new Travel Story is beginning.

Hello Readers and fellow travelers!

I know I've been absent from blogging for the past couple of years but I'm about ready to take on a grand adventure of moving to Costa Rica with just $400 to my name. 

I figured this would be some blog-worthy material that many travelers and dreamers would like to hear about. So, until I get my official page up and running, I'll be blogging here and sharing my crazy adventure stories of survival and ingenuity. 

I'll be arriving in Costa Rica on Tuesday, July 22nd and begin settling down, making contacts with possible work opportunities, locals and expats. On August 30th I'll follow a couple who are taking the long walk from San Jose to Cartago for the annual Romeria Celebration. Some people walk the entire 24km on their knees! Even more, some people walk, go by horseback, etc from neighboring countries!  I'll be documenting the journey of one couple and sharing it here and on my flickr. I hope you enjoy it. 

Thank you!  
To ease you on the's some photos from the past several months since I returned to the USA.
My brother's Prom

Light painting! More to come!

Selling prints from the Kahraman Dance Group

Horse back Riding on Father's Day

Mother's Day

Steel Wool Photography - more to come!
Riding with my sister
Doing some free-climbing
Hanging out after Pride Day 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

6 Things I (re)learned while doing a midday Photowalk

6 Things I learned while on the Nisantasi Photowalk with the Istanbul Photoclub.

1. never trust your camera screen, if it looks light at all on a sunny day it'll be blown out on the computer.

2. If it's a sunny day don't even think about shooting under a 100 shutter speed. Scratch that, don't shoot under 200. (It's been a while since I've shot during the 'hot' part of the day).

3. People really don't mind having their photo taken if you first smile at them and treat them as more than just a subject.

4. If you want to make a dress or anything creative with GORGEOUS fabrics, go to Nisantasi.

5. (something I already knew) Bring an all-purpose lens or just try to stick to one lens while doing a photowalk so you aren't trying to constantly change. 18-135mm or something that gives you a nice range of wide angle-prime-zoom is best.

6. When shooting during the harsh daylight, try to expose for the sky a bit and you can lighten up the foreground with photoshop.

Good Luck today to all participants in  Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk.  Have a blast!

*Photos to be added soon

Joshua Sterrett Photography

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Golden Birthday Reflections

In two days it will be my golden birthday. A golden birthday is the day you turn the age of the date of your birthday. My birthday is July 28th and I'll be turning 28. To some this is no big deal, especially if they were born at the beginning of a month. In fact it's probably not a big deal but it's always nice to find a reason to celebrate good things. Right? 

It's amazing that one year ago today I had perhaps $20 left to my name and I was in Poland. In fact I think this is the day that I made a run for it from this house after things went awry when some guy that was staying there as a guest (of another person who was traveling to their home in France) decided he wanted a key (which I was told not to give him while my friend was traveling) and when I refused he went to the managers of the building and while he was on the phone to them I made a run for it! With my 20+ kilo bag I snuck out the front door, went out the back and ran