Wednesday, October 26, 2011

14 day old Baby rescued ALIVE!

Just got the news when I woke up.
After 46 hours under the collapsed rubble of the families apartment building
Azra Karaduman was rescued alive from her mother's protecting arms.
You can hear excited voices and clapping as they realize they have found their 5th survivor in the rubble so far since they began the rescue efforts.

 Imagine what this woman must be feeling right now holding the life of this precious girl in her arms after 2 days of being underground! Congratulations and good work ladies and gentleman! 

Shortly after rescue workers were able to pull both the mother and the grandmother to safety. This is one strong bloodline. All three generations survived the collapsing of the apartment building.

The heroic mother who kept her baby safe is carried to a hospital

Shortly after they reach the grandmother

 A very difficult day ends with a bit of hope and happiness as the heroic rescue workers hard work pays off and they continue looking for more survivors. 

In the meantime, little Azra Karaduman is finally getting some much needed rest. 

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