Friday, December 9, 2011

Three Legendary Photographers in One post. Steve McCurry, and Chase Jarvis with Chris Jordan

I'd like to make this blog more interactive and useful for people visiting.

As you have probably figured out, photography is something I'm really passionate about.
I'll be sharing whatever I find interesting or useful for other photographers here on this page
until I get a designated photography blog going.

In this post I'm going to share about two amazing photographers that have really taken photography to the next level during their careers.

First there is Chase Jarvis, who before I was introduced to him by a twitter feed, had no idea who he was.

He's a successful pioneer in the world of photography and cinematography. He started out making short films and of course doing photography. After winning many accolades he was presented the opportunity to test the new HD dSLR, yes he was the Pioneer in using it. Through this his name and opportunities have skyrocketed. He now hosts his own live video production interviewing different artists while doing commercial work as well.

What attracted me to his blog was an interview about making a successful photography portfolio which will be aired soon on his site. I found his video interviewing Chris Jordan (another inspiring photographer) about how he came into the business, switching from Law to Photography. The 1 and a half hour interview is worth the watch. Listening to both of them talk about photography is really inspiring and calms the nerves of those like me who are on the verge of jumping into what feels like the unknown.

To find out more about Chase Jarvis and how he can inspire you to create and lend more meaning to your photography, check out his webpage  or follow him on twitter for instant updates.!/chasejarvis

The second great photographer is WORLD reknowned. Magnum Photographer Steve McCurry has been around for decades and brought some of the most iconic images that many people have seen but may not have realized who it was...for example the Afghan girl which is in exhibition galleries
throughout the world and is one of National Geographic's most famous images. His other images are also just as striking as he has
gone through Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe.
He recently published a book with 165 of his most
Iconic Photographs. 

But the reason I'm mentioning all of this is because he not only takes photographs but can be a great instructor too. He has recently made a series of 1 minute masterclass videos for free. Come get some tips from the master himself. Steve McCurry's Masterclass videos
If you want to know more about Steve McCurry visit his blog.

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