Monday, December 5, 2011

Black Sea travels on film

I took these photos between March and August of 2011. Beginning in Turkey and finishing in Turkey.

On a side note: I just received news that when one door closes another one may open. I will be receiving a full photography setup to begin shooting and starting the company I'd like to build up. I can't wait! It'll be a much appreciated gift. I was almost speechless when I first heard about it. So expect more photos soon. :) And here are the film photos.

The hills have eyes

Strange things can find you when you wander

On the road
Teacher by trade, hero by night
A cheesy self portrait 
I'm ready to start my journey
smiles take us to the past and lead us to the future
Songs of old follow us to the footsteps of Sumela
Surrounded by the white, frosty beauty of thousands of pines; one can't help but smile
I live here
I'd be rich with the stories I could tell
I'm ready for anything
My city is lopsided, but the water is always hot
It's not every day you follow a paved path into history
Follow me, do not be afraid. It's just down this path
"Sir, there's something hairy going on over here"
Add captionAs I sit here strumming

A local man sings traditional songs in front of a church in Mtskheta
pilgrims come to pay their respects and give thanks as the bulls guard the doors to salvation.

Mtskheta, Georgia
My life is full of lines
My eyes speak volumes that take a lifetime to read
Music plays across borders and lives, it knows not time.
Best Friends

Kiev, Ukraine
A couchsurfer poses
Kiev, Poland

The fence is for the ghosts

Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland.
A mother and daughter admire the Black Sea.

 Black Sea, Turkey
We will cherish these moments

Black Sea, Turkey
We are but a humble family that lets our father lead the bears away.

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