Friday, December 9, 2011

Aliens invading, what do you do?

I just woke up from a dream.

In the dream I was going about my day. I remember seeing an awesome blue skyline in the morning that seemed a bit out of place but since I just had my iphone I didn't think much about taking the photo. Later on in the day as I was riding through the city I found myself looking over the skyline and it was completely filled by this massive UFO of the likes from the movie Independence Day. It was shooting a beam down into the center of the European side of the city. People were stopping in traffic and looking, some were like..I hope that isn't what I think and glad that I was taking pictures because it meant they weren't crazy and seeing things. My first instinct was "how do I contact my family?" And of course, 'omg, the Mayan end of the world theory wasn't lying!'

I then started rushing through what I should do now. My list was:

Get a hold of family.

I knew it would be impossible to get home now, probably for a long time. The least I could do is tell them my plan so they wouldn't worry about me, but what about them? They're in Iowa..flatlands! I would tell them to go towards Colorado as there are hills and caves there.

For myself, my first thought was I need to get back to Georgia. The mountains there could surely shield me from the nuclear holocaust that was sure to follow and I'd have people there that would lend companionship through these tough times. But would they let me across the border? Do I need to get a gun?  Where can I find some non-perishable food?

I thought about Jinky. Man I wish she had stayed in Vietnam! They have so many underground cities from the war. She'd do fine there, but she's back in Manila.

For some reason I didn't have my phone with me, (just my iphone that isn't jailbroken yet) so I knew I'd have a lot of calls waiting for me when I got home. Man how I miss being able to turn on the tv and watch news in English! In University I ALWAYS knew what was happening all around the world. CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera was always being checked for the latest news and tragedies.

Then my thoughts went to an easier route. I could head to Derinkuyu Underground City in Goreme or Cappadocia valley. The place is perfect for hunkering down. It has a complete underground network that Christians used to hide from invading empires and persecution. It would be perfect if a million people haven't already gotten there.

Then sometime while I was running through these scenarios I woke up.

What a strange dream.

What do you think it meant? What was my mind trying to communicate?

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