Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PHOTO CONTEST "Migration. Personal Experience, Global Phenomenon"

Fresh from hearing that one of my photos was selected out of over 1000 photos that were submitted to be exhibited in Taksim Metro in Istanbul I'm entering another contest my friend Leila in Georgia told me about.

This contest is the first of its kind being organized by Youth Association DRONI and is about Migration in Georgia, particularly dealing with the forced expulsion and mass migration of around 280,000 Georgians from Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Abkhazian Seperatists and the ongoing civil war which started in 1991 when Georgia declared it's independence after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Even though I didn't visit any of the areas of conflict while I was in Georgia I DID have some photos in my archives that I could use for this particular theme. There is still an ongoing conflict today in these regions as recent as 2008 when Russia and Georgia went head to head causing many people to flee yet again.

Here are my two entries:

"Pulled From the Roots"

Many groups of people were forcefully migrated from their homes, there cities, and even their country.
They were pulled from the very roots that they had planted many generations before them.
This image is a representation of the complete removal of a whole people from a society while the other parts of society

remain intact around it, leaving only this bare, naked tree that symbolizes the roots that they were pulled from.

"Old Man's Song"

An old man I met while wandering the country of Georgia.
He sang traditional songs of Turkey and Georgia. He is no longer
able to manipulate the strings so strums the chords with one stubby finger.
Even with the hardship of life this man finds a way to smile through it all.

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