Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting Published in Support of a Great Cause!

This evening just as I was about to call it a night I got an email with the title "Travel means freedom - the BOOK! you are IN!"

I was blown away.

I've had various friends and family telling me lately and in the past that I'm a great writer and they wish I wrote more. I never really worked at it much. I do love telling a good tale now and then but I rarely take the time to write one down.

Let me rewind for those of you that may have no idea what I'm talking about.

In November there was a contest over at They were trying to get together inspirational travel stories, 111 to be exact, in commemoration of 11/11/11. They were going to put these stories (and photo submissions) into a book, "Travel means Freedom"

I was instantly attracted to the idea and what they believed in (that you should travel with a cause, giving back what you can and spreading good will). So I told the story of my 'Christmas to Remember' in 2009.
It was a great story about how I decided to find a way and give something back for Christmas.

The best thing about this book is that 59% of the profits will go towards Providing Clean Water to communities in developing countries through the organization Charity: Water.
I (and other story contributors) will receive an 80% cut from the book sales which will help fund future travels and causes I support.

So a big thanks to #wegetthere, whoever first told me about the story, and all of the people that encouraged me to write a story, and a special thanks for the last minute support from Jinky for encouraging me to write a second story (despite a fast approaching deadline) and the one I decided to submit.

Christmas is almost here.

If you are stuck on what to give as a gift for Christmas.

Consider pre-ordering (in time for xmas) the Community written book  'Freedom to Travel'
The digital books pack (PDF,ePub,Mobi) will be sold at $19.99, and print also at $19.99. The bundle $29.99. 
This book will be a great gift to those filled with wanderlust or that have a love for traveling.
Inspire them today while helping out these two great non-profit organizations


Donate as a gift with charity water. 
With 3 options on ways you can give the gift of water while dedicating it to that special someone.

If you are feeling extra charitable this Holiday season help contribute to wegetthere's campaign of raising $10,000  by March!  Every little bit counts...whether it's $1, $10, or $100. Help Fund a Clean Water Project in developing nations. 

Early Merry Christmas Everyone

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