Monday, November 21, 2011

Publishing a photobook

I thought occured to me this weekend after visiting a photo exhibition and seeing reactions of different people when they viewed my recently developed film photos from my Black Sea trip. All of the artists that are exhibiting their work have at one point or another published a photography book showcasing a project of some sort.

When I originally decided to do a European tour the biggest thing I thought about doing was documenting my trip and perhaps doing an exhibition in some city yet I had no clue how to approach that. After traveling and making different contacts I've found that it is very possible to start exhibiting some work once I have prepared it.

However, I really would like to have something permanent out there that showcases the evolution of my photography and the projects I pursue. My trip took me 7 months to complete and had around 10,000 digital images and video along with about 30 black and white film shots.

I've decided to start organizing my work and contacting the people I know who have more experience in these sorts of things. I'd also like to get in touch with some charities, NGO's, etc that I feel passionate about and discuss donating a percentage of the proceeds. I haven't made any decision as I've just begun brainstorming but I think it'd only be appropriate to support a worthy charity in the location that I traveled and perhaps one more. It'd be my way of saying thank you for the hospitality and giving back by promoting and supporting the charity which in turn promotes the book.

There are a lot of things to think about until I finally get everything together but I do know that I'll work on having a photo exhibition here in Istanbul showcasing the photos and the stories behind them during my trip  around the same time I publish the book to reach the widest audience possible.

Here are two photos from my film shots.

An old man plays and sings for pilgrims and tourists in Mtskheta, Georgia

My driver having a smoke while driving me to Northern Turkey

Have you ever purchased a photography book? If so, Why?

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