Friday, November 4, 2011

Bairam Holiday is HERE!

The 5 day Bayram Holiday is beginning on Saturday Nov. 5th and I don't plan on spending it sitting around home! I decided to make the best of it by joining a trip recommended to me by my friend Mehmet called the Xtra Large trip. It'll be a party bus leaving Friday night (Nov. 4th) for a 5 day trip to the breath-taking destinations of Cappadocia and Olympos, Turkey.

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Yes, that's right. I'm heading back to my favorite spot of Cappadocia. How could I not? I fell in love with it this past March. I'll be using my newly acquired Iphone 3G to take all of the photos for this trip if I can find a battery charger for it.

The first destination will be Goreme which is where I stayed before. We'll be booked with Blue Moon Hostel

Now on the way there we will be riding on a reserved bus with a bunch of people ready to just let loose and have a great time, aka a party bus.    YES!  This will be my FIRST time on a party bus and I am PSYCHED!

I'm not sure what I'll do this time for exploring but I think I'll take the ATV's since I didn't do that last time or I'll ride some horses and do some more hiking through the valleys like before.

If you don't know what Cappadocia is and why I love it, here are some photos I've taken before while I was there.

cappadocia sunset

After Two days of sightseeing and partying in Cappadocia we'll take a night ride on our
party bus to Antalya. I'm guessing there will be some more partying on the way there
and very little time for sleep.

Now, if any of you were following me way back in February or March you probably know I had planned to circle around Turkey and the beautiful beach town of Antalya was on my list of places to visit!

So I'm here now, albeit the water being a bit more cold. I'll just have to suck it up and freeze my balls off a little :D

Olympos is famous for it's tree houses and very chill atmosphere while also having some really cool parties and an amazing view of Mount Olympos from the coast. I'll be spending two days here in this lovely local exploring the beaches and other nooks and crannies that I happen upon.

I'll finally return back home on the same bus, hopefully sleeping to arrive back on the morning of the 10th where I'll dutifully report to work and teach 6 hours of classes before returning home to sleep some more.

Happy Bairam/Eid to all my Muslim and Turkish friends out there!

Olympos Photos
This photo of Olympos is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Mount Olympos, found on wikipedia

Found on

What are you doing for YOUR holiday? 

Any places you suggest I visit while in Olympos?

Leave your comments in the comment box below (anonymously if you like) and I'll respond to them. 

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