Thursday, November 17, 2011

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A while ago I learned that I had the slower windows installed into my laptop.
I've been hesitant to take the step and upgrade it to a 64bit system by myself but
decided that now would be the best time since I have a flatmate that's an IT/Computer person.

To be honest though, so far it doesn't feel faster at all. Of course it was getting VERY slow and was a bit embarassing when people would tell me my computer was slow after I JUST bought it. It still feels a bit slow and my system rated itself as a 4.2 on the Windows Experience Index. I can't remember what it was before but I'm pretty sure it was around i'm wondering what's different now. The graphics so far aren't impressing all. 

My system stats are 
AMD Turion II P560 Dual-Core Processor 2.50 GHz, 4GB RAM

Does this sound about right?

I'm currently trying to get my photos back off the harddrive and back onto my system so I can continue working on them. Of course I'm trying to download the useful programs I had before that I've bcome comfortable with.

Something that is really bugging me is that all of the websites are automatically going to Turkish...I can't get Tumblr to be in English at won't even let me :-/  

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