Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo Concept Contest!

Photo Concept Contest

How many ways can you photograph a horse?

Everywhere I look I see the same types of horse photos.
I'm ready to do something unique, something new. 

I'll be going home to Iowa for the summer where my family raises horses.
I plan to make this my biggest photo project to show what new things can be done in animal and especially equine photography. It'll take a lot of effort to create the designs, props, and scout for the best locations.

You can be involved in the process too!
All you need to do is submit what you think would make a unique and interesting horse photo.

Just add your great idea in the comment section below or even better add it to my photography page on facebook where I'll be keeping a tally of all the ideas.

If I choose your concept I will send you a personalized print from the shoot as well as recognition for your input into the creation of the photo series.   

Submissions open until June 1st

Plug away!

I'll begin with my own ideas

-Vogue-fashion horse
-Warrior princess/horse
(Native American/Valkyrie)
To submit your vote or see other comments click on the logo below linking to the contest page


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