Friday, September 30, 2011

Special Deliveries! Day 3

It's always a great feeling when you know somebody is thinking of you from another place.
So Day 3 is all about those great packages. My dad has sent me packages several times since I left the USA and even though I get some corny momentos from him I still cherish them because I know they were heartfelt gifts..even if they don't help me completely.  So to everybody and anybody that has ever sent me a letter or a care package, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. They really do mean a lot to me and if I dont' have them with me I send them home for storage for when I finally do settle down somewhere. I can show my kids and grandkids all of the kind deeds that I've encountered in my travels around the world.

Have a great Friday.  This weekend will be a busy one for me.

Giant care package with all of my clothes, Harddrive, cooking knife, and some new momentos!

This is what was inside, minus the belt.

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