Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gems from Tumblr

A little humor to start with.
Not from Flea's tumblr

I was browsing Tumblr a bit and found Flea's Tumblr account from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
This guy is deep!   These are some of my favorite finds that he found. http://flea333.tumblr.com/

As Flea said, it had to take a lot of balls to say this in that day and age!

I couldn't help but chuckle
The Pope's toilet? 

This poem just blows me away. WOW!
Way to go Senor Neruda.

Some may say child endangerment others may say a way of life or survival.
One thing is for certain.
This child will be a master of snakes

                                      And finally one to leave you thinking 

            “We have all learned now..that to judge anyone about anything is not only unnecessary ,harmful and really quiet foolish,but is the source of so much misery and conflict on our Planet.Because we know that all of this is just a twinkle of an eye when compared to Eternity .Each person has chosen the place they are in.They are there to learn ,whatever lesson they may have decided they need, to awaken from the illusion that they are separate from their Source.It may be a place that is so far from where we think we should be…But it is their choice.Not ours.We have chosen our own place…We walk through many changes in our lives….We have experienced many things since we started this journey.We know this now…To allow someone to discover the wonders of their life is what we all want in our own life.To be left alone to find out why.And thats OK…Who are we to even ‘think’ that we know what is best for someone else.When we can’t even understand our own life.Learning to allow others to move through their changes..will help calm our world ,will help us reach out and with a sincere motive,walk with those who we have chosen to cross our Path.
And yes we all have chosen to be in each others lives…..In Quantum Physics it has been discovered that everything that is being observed is influenced by the observer….Knowing this…Looking at someone with ‘no thought’ or opinion will help us go to that place, that may be on a deeper level ,but will show us that in essence we are all the same….Pure consciousness ,alive,aware and connected.”

                                                            source: parkstepp

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