Saturday, January 15, 2011

Failure to liftoff

So this is what it must feel like when you are stuck somewhere and there are few if any options available to you.

As I blogged last mind was a bit frozen and my head swirling from a person's sudden departure from my life. I didn't pack my bags but instead just sat in front of the computer trying to make sense of my trip. I made sense of it. Figured out my itinerary. However, I overslept this morning and ended up missing my flight. After checking with the airport travel agency I was told there is only 1 flight to Vietnam tomorrow for Business class. Price tag. 960,000won.  That's about $900.  I don't have that. So...It looks as if I'm stuck the airport. 2 weeks vacation and nowhere to go. 

Hope I find a way to Vietnam soon. It's a well-deserved vacation and would be a crying shame to end up spending my entire vacation at home and out $500 from airline costs.

too be continued...

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