Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some things happen for a reason

I would have never thought that missing out on a vacation could lead to such HUGE realizations.

In the past few days since I missed my flight I came to realize a few things about my future.
I also realized I'm not completely happy with myself or where I am. Nor am I completely happy with my lifestyle. Why?  I mean..living the single life and being able to be with anybody at anytime you please.

It's a bachelors dream.  But it's also quite lonely. 

So some major things happened tonight. 

I'll post specifically about what happened soon. In the mean time I have a question for you.

Korea, albeit my love/hate relationships with it, has taught me a lot. It has definately taught me a lot about heartbreak and the bitter part of grapes. Perhaps that's just to prepare me for the sweetness.

So I wonder. 
What can you, my readers tell me about:  LOVE Please write what you feel love is all about. What is love to you!?  Write in the comment box so we can have a discourse about love and it's meaning.

What is it to you?   If you are in love, when did you realize it? 
I want to have a discussion about what LOVE is. I mean..there has to be a lot to talk about considering 85% of songs in the world tend to be about Love!  

Por mis amigos de Espanol.  Queiro conocer su opinion sobre Amor. Que es amor?  Por favor, escribe en el COMMENT BOX que piensas sobre Amor.


  1. Some say love is like oxygen...you can't live without it. Others say it's a curse..one that will bring you up and then tear you down.

    So what is it to you?

  2. Love, I have found is many things.. Its something I literally dream of. I remember how it feels, and once you have felt real love, its a hunger, a yearning, to feel that feeling again and to never lose its incredible beauty. Love to me is a feeling like you can conquer anything, the green grass looks greener, and there is a feeling of security, because you know you are loved by another person in this world. It makes things seem so pretty, everything just does look pretty through the eyes of love and being loved.

  3. I find love to be something of fantasy. I've felt it and it's power alone makes you feel powerful but that power can so easily be abused that it's scary. To put it into an Analogy...The FORCE, it's SO easy to succumb to love and let it overtake you. Your reason and sense of direction, your life goals and purpose can disappear in a second. Others are able to yield it like a weapon that can literally destroy a person in one swift blow. *Think Vanilla Sky..Yikes I just watched that...*
    While other people are able to yield it for the better of all and use it in the way that it really makes them a happier person.

    And the thing is..Love is something Everybody wants but I wonder how many actually find TRUE love and not just fantasy love, or even lust.

  4. Do you remember when you were a kid and you did whatever you wanted whenever you wanted? And you didn't worry about what people thought and you just liked being happy and having fun? I think thats how I can describe how I feel about LOVE. Its all about being JUST YOU with other people. You dont have to cover up, you dont have to pretend, you dont have to EDIT. You can just be you...I dont have to dress up or be sexy, I dont have to be on guard all the time and I dont have to be insecure. I can relax and just enjoy the things around me with the people that I love. Love is never having to wonder if the other person feels the same way about you.