Friday, January 14, 2011

Time lapse

I've been sitting here for the past few hours in a bit of a daze.
No, not from my new flickr account suddenly getting an average of 400 hits a day up from about 4-10 hits a day, but because I'm still trying to plan my Vietnam Itinerary last minute...with my unpacked bags behind me.

You see, I picked Vietnam without really knowing much about it. I just know it's the site of WWII and has some amazing views with amazing people. I also chose it because I wanted to do some job scouting there.
However, not until tonight did I really look at the Geography of Vietnam and Cambodia to see where and how I'll get to places. haha  That habit of procrastination and last minute decision making definately hasn't improved over time.

My itinerary is slowly formulating in my head and now that I"ve downloaded Google Earth it's really helping me put things in perspective of where things are and whether it'll be possible to get to them logistically.
Thanks to a Mr. Silk for popping up out of nowhere and sharing with me his treasure trove of information and suggestions from his trip in Vietnam a few years ago.

My plan is changing non-stop but it looks as if I'll head over to Siem Riep the day after I land in Ho Chi Minh City. Before heading out though I'll drop off a suitcase full of old clothing, shoes, etc to the NGO Helping Hand Saigon.
Once in Cambodia I'll mull about the ruins of Angkor Wat with my tripod and camera..spending the day there, hopefully starting at sunrise or atleast get the sunset.(Sunday/Monday)  The next day (Tuesday) I'll head to Phnom Phen to check out the Killing Fields and capture the essence of the place with my lens. Of course I won't have it to my eye the whole time. One must actually sit back and appreciate where they are lest they forget why they travel. To NOT be behind some form of technology but to be a part of where you are.

On Wednesday I'll head back to Vietnam and I'm not exactly sure what I'll do. I"m thinking about scuba diving on this day. 

I'll have to continue this blog post later as it's getting pretty late and I need to finish packing so I'm not late for my flight tomorrow.

This will be an interesting trip :)

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