Monday, January 10, 2011

Preparing for SE Asia

This week feels like such a rush.

I just bought a pro account for my flickr page
It's so cool to see all the statistics. Today alone I had 255 views! I really look forward to the day when people can't help but comment on the photos because they like them so much. Until then, practice practice practice.

I'm busy preparing for my incoming Couchsurfer Joanne who arrives tomorrow night.
I'm so excited to have her even though I'll be super busy.
It's been quite a while since I've had a couchsurfer and if any of you know me very well, I LOVE  hosting people and showing them around. It's an absolute thrill to meet other people that are excited about traveling.

I've also got a special birthday to prepare for Sieun on Wednesday and then on Thursday I'll be meeting my long time friend Moon for some dinner.

But, the biggest thing going on right now is preparing for my final trip to SE Asia for the year. I love SE Asia so it's going to be hard to move farther away so I can't jump on a jet and be on the beach after 4-6 hours of flying. SE Asian beaches will never be old to me. I can still hear the surf breaking against the sand and the wet sand beneath my feet. The best part, the water is mild enough to swim in. That's definately the best part.

So anyways.

I've got 2 weeks to plan out. And I leave on Saturday. haha. This will be fun but of course I'm always a last minute kinda guy. 

My plans so far are to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday evening and crash on a couch.  During the first week I'm going to try and catch the Killing Fields and do some scuba diving. I also want to see the Mekong Delta but I've gotta decide whether I have enough time to do that during the first half of my vacation or the second half as I head up to Hanoi

Early Saturday morning I'll have a blissful reunion with my super friend Jinky, whom I met on a Cebu Pacific flight going to Davao last year. We've been close ever since. It'll be really great to see her again. So far I have no idea what we'll be doing for the two days she's in Vietnam. But the beach is definately in order. Lord knows we BOTH need some relaxation and well...the beach is the place to do it!

She'll be going back home by Sunday, the day before the TET New Years Holiday.  
Too bad she's gonna miss that grand celebration. Actually, I just found out about the TET Holiday.
Do any of you have suggestions on some good places to party at? I'm thinking the beach will be the best option.  

So, After the Tet Holiday I'm going to high-tail it across the border to Cambodia and spend 1 or 2 days there so I can enjoy the great Angkor Wat and other fantastic ruins. I can't wait to get my tripod up there and take some photos.  Then I'll have to begin my trek up to Northern Vietnam so I can make my early morning flight on January 30th back to Korea.  

It's going to be one BUSY holiday..but it has to be since it's the last one. I'm just happy I'll have atleast one good friend joining me on the trip. :)  It'll make it all the more special.

So, do any of you have some other great suggestions about Vietnam?  The reason I picked it in the first place was because I was considering finding work there or in Singapore after my contract ends in February. However, I've decided to jet off to Turkey and backpack Eastern Europe for the year instead.

If I don't settle down in Europe somewhere you can be sure I'll be headed back to SE Asia.

And this is the end of my first blog post ever. 
Hope you enjoyed my rambling.
Got suggestions or things you want to hear about just let me know in the comments.


Can anybody refer me to the site where I can make a map that shows my planned itinerary?


  1. Although this site doesn't seem like having nice maps, I run this site and often look through it for my travel. If you're interested in, once spend a little time to check it out. x

  2. Thanks Sieun,
    I'm checking it out now and opened an account under lenswise. However, I think I"m going to try to use some of the features and implement them on this blog if I can.