Monday, February 7, 2011

Travel pre-planning thoughts

My mind has begun to kick into high gear as I edge closer to my departure date for Turkey.

If you've been watching any of my posts on my facebook you'd know I've been going crazy trying to find an affordable laptop that will let me edit photos but not cost me a grand. I actually came very close to buying a laptop or two but backed out or it fell through at the last moment.

However, tonight as I was cleaning my place up a bit and also trying to organize things in my mind, I realized that I'm thinking too much about what I need to buy for this trip. But, I've been contemplating the high-powered laptop, a tent, sleeping bag, a wide-angle camera lens so I can take some great city and landscape shots, and the list goes on.

What I haven't looked at is if I want to do all the things I've been planning which is to travel ALL over Eastern Europe before running out of money..I can't afford the things I want to bring.

It's a bit troubling. I really don't think I'll be spending much time editing photos on the road (as much as I'd like to) so I either can bring my big laptop or buy a really cheap netbook specifically for email and blogging.

I think the biggest thing I need to think about (and suggestions are MORE than welcome) is where exactly do I want to go and in what time frame. WHAT is my 'mission'  My original intent was to network with people, explore photography and possibly find work in a studio or a developing shop, work with humanitarian groups or NGO's and learn what they do while also getting great contacts for the future..and then of course traveling as much and as far as possible while photographing everything. 

I'm thinking now I need to choose what exactly it is I want to do so I know what I need to pack.
I also need to figure out exactly how long I want to travel and if I plan to stay in Europe to find work or study I need to choose a destination to work towards so I don't end up in a place with few opportunities.

Frankly, I have a lot to think about.

Any fellow travelers out there have some good advice for this first time trekker and wannabe travel photographer? 
It'd be great appreciated and noted.


  1. Guess I'll start by commenting on here myself.

    I've gotten a lot of feedback on facebook which includes NOT bringing a computer but rather buying an Ipod or going without completely.

    I had thought about that and it could be a good idea to help make reservations however it doesn't solve my problem with needing something to connect my external hard drive to which will store the photos and video from my months-long trip.

    However, I will admit it would be nice to disconnect from the internet..use net cafes when I come across them and update a blog entry with whatever I've written in a journal. But it also makes me feel really uneasy NOT having some kind of connection to the internet.
    For blogging, keeping in touch with family, sharing photos, etc.

    What do you all think? Ipod or small netbook?

  2. I don't travel as you know josh, but... something small would be nice to download your pics to the net, Just in case all your other stuff gets lost, at least you would still have your photo's. Love ya, Aunt Sue.

  3. Bring the laptop man, so many times I have not brought it and have often spent hours in search of a net cafe which can be super frustrating. Its also essential if you plan on couchsurfing around europe..!

  4. The question i'm asking myself is..should I stick with my heavy laptop and if I make some more money while in for a new laptop...OR ..should I trade in here for a netbook? My laptop is old and about 5lbs..5-15min battery life unplugged. plays movies, does photoshop, and does skype. A Netbook couldn't do all of these.