Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5 Amazing Websites to Help You Volunteer Anywhere

5 Amazing Websites to Help You Volunteer Anywhere

I just found a great website while browsing the travelblog a pair of panties and boxers that has some great resources for those that want to give their time and/or money to charitable causes.
After checking through the sites myself I've found that the sites are for finding opportunities to volunteer in the United States. So all of my U.S. readers have fun browsing and find a program that fits your interest.

In the meantime I'll keep my eye out for great programs that share international opportunities of volunteering. Perhaps I'll even end up trying to make my own if I can't find anything.

Whenever I travel I feel the need to give back a bit to the place I'm traveling. It doesn't have to be with money but it can be with a few hours of my time doing something that helps out the community, whether guest teaching, cleaning up a shoreline, or even teaching in the streets.

I suggest you try the same and you'll find that your next vacation will be so much more memorable and rewarding than just going to a place and taking the regular tour and snapping photos.

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