Sunday, April 22, 2012

Remedy for Lifeache

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Lifeache, aka wanderlust, travelbug, etc has a way of really bringing us down when we feel we can live up to the inner needs or lack of the life we feel we are missing out on. I really like the ending of this. Lifeache cannot be cured, it's something that is managed.   Learn to appreciate where you are, the here and now. take advantage of it and find the little adventures at home. Share them with others. But of course that doesn't mean you don't have to or shouldn't travel. Definitely travel. It expands your mind, broadens your horizons. Helps you appreciate the things, people, and places that you knew before and prepare for what you will experience ahead.  

PS.  If there are no trees where you live...I was going to say it doesn't matter and you can find an alternative structure. But the more I think about it, no. Go somewhere with at least a little really connects you to earth. It helps center you and help you realize that there are greater things than just your every day grind earning your paycheck, going to and from work, running into countless people that you never recognize.  Find some nature.

And enjoy life for what it is...LIFE. Not a perfect one. But truly, one that can be lived.

Last but not least,   check out the blog where I found this illustration.
It's a blogging family who are living/traveling in SE Asia with 5 kids, one of them in a wheel chair. Against all odds and the expectations of society they decided to make the choice on how they will live and provide for their children. It's a really inspirational blog that puts most of our excuses about why we can't do something to shambles and really makes you smile. They have a great outlook on life.

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