Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to Georgia

Hey all, I've been off of here for a bit and not updating like I should. It's really like a journal it seems.  I have been taking photos just about every day with my iphone and I'll post those up sooner or later in a massive entry.

Did a photo shoot last week with the ever creative Xingxing and got some interesting results from that. I've only gotten one photo finished editing but she's gotten a few of her own edited.

My first attempt at hairstyling. This was edited by me. 

So now I'm about 10 hours off from being back in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Life has been treating me outstandingly good. I was really worried about this winter camp but it wasn't much of a problem at all. I was working with 5th graders this week and we all got on really well and they loved my lessons. It seems my superiors are taking notice of my improvements as well.  So all is good on that front.  Plus it seems that 'scare' that I had at work has taken care of itself.

I'll be enjoying the heck out of Georgia's countryside and plan to travel around Eastern Georgia first in the Kakheti region and then work my way west. I'll have 7 days away and then by the 6th it'll be back to work again.

This month promises to be a busy and productive one with some private lessons beginning as well as beginning my CELTA at the end of the month. It'll be a 3 month long course that I'll be doing from the internet with weekend classes. Not looking forward to tests and such again but it'll be good to have some new ideas on how to teach different levels of English Learners and to have an even better understanding of classroom management and have more educational tools at my disposal. Once I have that certificate I'll be able to work in any country.

However, the plan is to stay in Istanbul for a while longer as I've developed some great connections here and life has been treating me really why change it?

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