Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prague on the go

I am now in the great city of Praha, Prague   Czech Republic after arriving Sunday night.

After being dropped off at the turnoff for getting to Centrum or the Center I walked, and walked, and walked until I came across a McDonalds. From there I was hoping to find a couch but since I couldn't I did some more walking heading north and found a discreet place to put up my tent that was void of needles and bums or drunks.

Clandestine Operations inside Prague
After a good night's rest..except for a helicopter, the city is oblivious to my presence
At 9:30am I packed my things up and went to the McDonalds where I spent a good portion of the day working on some photos and submitting my resume to more places. It was a stormy day and I did not want to be outside for the intermittent downpours.

At around 4pm after the rain subsided and I had a couch confirmation I went to Malostranski Metro so I could cross the bridge facing the Charles Bridge. Crossing the Bridge put me in Old Town. I met some 3 German girls that were on Holiday after just completing their medical degrees. We walked for a bit and came  to The Old Town Square where I took some 360degree panoramas (which I can't seem to create so no photo available)

By the time we were there it was already around 6:20pm so I had to head back to meet my host, Adam, by 7pm. Adam took me to his favorite afterwork chillout place where we knocked down a few cold ones before heading home for the evening. Unfortunately on our way home the heavens opened up and let loose a
torrential downpour.I didn't get too wet though since I have rain gear but dang! Luckily today is really gorgeous.

So TODAY the plan is to venture around Praha Zoo
to see how the animal world goes about their business in captivity.

From there I'll take a metro to visit Prague Castle and once I get some nice photos of Prague Castle and some of the surrounding palaces. 

 I'll call it a day and head for Germany taking this route.

View Larger Map Tomorrow I'll meet Thilo and his beau before heading off for a weekend camping/canoe trip.

The best part of it all is that 
I'm doing all of this on less than $20. 
Who says you need money to enjoy life?  

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